10-Minute Bible Devotional Prep

October 21, 2016

Doing a devotional is not just something we can do at the beginning of meetings, it’s something we can do anytime! Whenever someone┬áhas a question about a passage, whenever you’re looking at a passage during your own devotional time, or whenever you’re trying to understand the words before you… here are some simple questions you can ask that will take you deeper really fast! Just read your passage of choice and ask yourself:

  1. Who is speaking/hearing in the passage?
  2. What are they talking about?
  3. Where does this story take place in the whole story of Scripture?
  4. When would this be or has this been useful in your life?
  5. Why should we (those listening to you) care about this passage?
  6. How will or did this passage change you life?