Adaptive Leadership

Leadership, in it’s broadest sense, can be defined as “mobilizing others to do difficult work.” Adaptive leadership is a particular kind of leadership. It is not simply about being adaptable in different situations—all leadership requires this. It gets its name from the kind of challenges it addresses, namely adaptive challenges. Adaptive challenges are the kinds of things that we run into that don’t have an easy solution or technician you can find in the yellow pages. They are challenges that require more learning, engaging more people, trying more things, and taking more time with a curious attitude and the goal of making progress not just finding solutions. They also require us to know and hold to our purpose, lest we get lost in the details and the pull of the status quo.

Leadership Competencies

Below are the Leadership Competencies and Behaviors developed by the Kansas Leadership Center. Writers from our congregation have undertaken the task of explaining them in their own words as well as adding using a Bible story to illustrate the adaptive leadership behavior.